Why your hotel should have a spa

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Why your hotel should have a spa

When you’re in the hospitality industry, your primary concern is your guests. Everything you do and offer is in order to give them a luxurious and relaxing experience through your hotel rooms, suites and other facilities. You may have a restaurant, bar and swimming pool facilities available to your guests, along with room service, wifi and other standard amenities that are associated with hotels.

What you may not have, but very well should have, is a spa in your hotel. It never hurts to offer something more other than top-class accommodation. And providing guests with the option to go and have their nails done or a full-body massage will really get them excited for their holiday.


Appealing to travellers

Let’s start with your largest target market as a hotel. Travellers from across the country or around the world will be looking for accommodation in the area your hotel is situated. When they put together a final list of contenders, you’re going to want your hotel at the top of that list. And if you have the offering of a spa, you’re more likely to be the hotel they make a booking with at the end of the day.

You’re obviously aware that guests staying in hotels are looking for that little bit of luxury that’s affordable and goes the extra mile in terms of service offerings. If your hotel has a spa on site for guests to feel pampered during their holiday or de-stress during a business trip, you’re providing more than a hospitality service.

It’s no secret that spas are appealing to almost all people and that there is convenience in knowing that they won’t have to travel too much further from their hotel room to find one.


Encourage visits from the locals

Many hotels don’t always open their doors to the public when it comes to their restaurants and pools as it’s supposed to be part of the exclusive hotel experience for guests. But hotel owners also cannot ignore the fact that there is a whole town of potential business right there in the area. But there are still ways to benefit from local business and keep that exclusivity for your hotel guests.

For example, you could open your hotel restaurant to the public for brunches and late lunches so that your guests can enjoy breakfast, dinner and lunch at the usual times. Or, you could open a spa…

By opening a spa in the hotel, you can encourage locals to visit the hotel and enjoy your quality service in a different way. You can locate your spa in a section of the hotel where your guests won’t be disturbed by an influx of non-hotel visitors. You can also monitor numbers by means of an appointment-only system where your hotel guests have first priority and that there aren’t hoards of people wandering around the hotel spa lobby at one time.

Speaking of which, having a separate lobby area for the spa will also ensure that hotel guests and local visitors aren’t too bothered by each other. It will also allow you to focus on potential hotel guests in the general lobby and make sure all guest queries are attended to in a timely manner as opposed to if you were to still worry about caring for day-visitors to the spa.


An exclusive experience for all

If you were to have a spa at your hotel, you’d be creating an exclusive experience for hotel guests and local visitors alike. Guests will enjoy the idea of walking down to the spa for a pamper session and the public will feel extra pampered by the experience of a spa in a luxury hotel.

There’ll be a larger target market for the hotel and word of a spa offering will travel far. Everyone will want that luxury pampering experience and social media will be a testament to happy customers, which will only draw in more interest.


Revenue for the hotel business

Basically, it all comes down to creating more business for the hotel and generating more revenue that can then be used to make improvements and increase the quality of the hotel. Which hotel owner would want to say no to that?

But, as the saying goes, you need to spend money in order to make money. With an equipment finance solution, you can buy all the necessary equipment you need in your spa and have money to do any necessary construction. Then, it becomes a matter of finding and hiring qualified partners from the beauty industry to come in and run this sector of the hotel business. Someone you can trust and that you know will live up to the standard of service quality your hotel is associated with.

Your hotel should have a spa if you want its popularity to grow and its guests to feel even more relaxed. This is definitely a way to take care of your guests and invite the local community to be a part of your offerings of escape and luxury.

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