How to keep to your hotel safer over the festive season

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How to keep to your hotel safer over the festive season

With the festive season at our feet, the hotel industry should take the coming months as an opportunity to really step up their security game. There are thousands of feet walking through your doors over the most popular holiday of the year, so the need for safety and efficient service is essential for festive success.

As important as it is to look after both your guests and your employees, robust security systems ensure that there is no chance of theft, property vandalism and other serious criminal acts that could affect your hotel's reputation. With more hotel security systems moving towards cyberspace, hotel management is encouraged to keep an eye on customer data protection as well as physical security and awareness.

Here are a few tips for keeping your hotel safe:


  • Make sure that security is at the top of your priority list

Gearing up for the festive season is the perfect opportunity to plan ahead and ensure that you have all the right security systems and procedures in place to handle the massive influx of guests. As busy as your establishment may be over Christmas, it is important to make sure that your employees are performing compliance checks when welcoming and communicating with guests. If you want operations to run smoothly, make sure that they are doing thorough check-ins with identity checks. It is also important to inform them about the correct emergency procedures to keep themselves and those around them safe.


  • Regularly update your room keys and door locks

Make sure that your most experienced, knowledgeable employees are working over this busy period. They need to be well-trained in dealing with complaints or any other queries around room security. Management must update the room keys and locks to prevent external burglary threats with old keys. Also, monitor the people entering and exiting a room. It should only be the guests booked for that room, cleaning staff, management or room service that are allowed in. If the front desk staff doesn’t monitor this, it could lead to recklessness, allowing criminal acts to happen right under their noses.


  • Provide staff with professional uniforms

Especially with international guests that have difficulty speaking your language or are unfamiliar with your establishment, make sure that your staff are kitted out in company uniforms with name tags. If you are properly unformed, guests will easily be able to distinguish between hotel employees and those who do not work there, which is particularly important in busy areas like the dining hall. When guests are familiar with the staff, they feel safer and more comfortable in their presence.


  • Communicate and engage with your guests

When guests are visiting a country they are unfamiliar with, try to encourage your staff to be friendly with them and take interest in their stay. By engaging with your guests, you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and get to know new people. It also makes guests feel more welcome and safe. Chatting with your guests will also help you spot any characters that may look suspicious.

Along with engaging with your guests, train your staff to identify any external worker (plumber, electrician, contractor etc.) that walks into your establishment. Whether they’re delivering an item or coming to fix something, make sure that you do a full background check on the company while monitoring their presence to ensure that there is no negative impact on guests or hotel employees while they are busy.


  • Install security doors to control after-hour access

When it comes to after-hour access, there is a fine balance between customer service and hotel security. If you install the proper security doors that allow you monitor the people who enter and exit your property, you will be able to keep a safe eye on your hotel traffic at all times. You can find some examples of control access systems on this website: A 24-hour security presence is just as important, as well as activity-activated cameras that issue an alert when there’s activity somewhere there shouldn’t be.


  • Have regular maintenance checks

When your establishment sees thousands of people, you need to ensure that your equipment and furniture is fit for success. Your security director should be reviewing hotel conditions on a regular basis, making sure that maintenance checks get done and everything is kept clean. Also, make sure your stairwells and hallways are well-lit so that guests can make it to their room safely.


  • Everyone needs to be aware of the emergency plan

Be it a planned crime or an accidental fire, make sure your management team has instant access to law enforcement and emergency services when help is needed. Everyone on the hotel staff team, as well as the guests, need to have a clear understanding of the emergency plan, so if something were to happen, they would know exactly what to do and where to go without causing commotion and panic.


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